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A campaign to bring free fresh drinking water to
Bath city centre streets with iconic Water Holes
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Rethinking Drinking Water

Bath is a city synonymous with water, yet not a drop to drink unless you buy it in a plastic bottle for an inflated sum. So we imagined a sustainable and convenient solution free, fresh tap water to drink everywhere in our city and cool steel bottles to drink from.

So simple so sensible, it had to be done!

Free Drinking Water + Water Hole + Stainless Steel Bottle = Love Tap Water in Bath

Water Hole
An iconic, modern drinking water fountain . Water flows from a covered spout to fill bottle or cup. Hygenic , healthy, fresh, free.

Stainless Steel Bottle
With a logo on, designed by Non Format, for the Love Tap Water campaign; simple, satisfying to drink from and easy to carry in a bag or pocket. Made from Stainless Steel, the most recyclable material on the planet. A stylish bottle for life

Love Tap Water not for profit organisation
Two local women who have given freely of their time, energy and expertise in order to bring drinking water to the streets of Bath. Making Bath the first city in the UK to offer its residents and visitors a fully sustainable way to drink water on the go

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