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A campaign to bring free fresh drinking water to
Bath city centre streets with iconic Water Holes
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Let it Flow
Bath welcomed the first Water Hole to St James' Rampire last week, offering fresh, free drinking water to anyone with a bottle to be filled. This is the initial step towards Bath becoming the UK’s first city to boast a comprehensive network of iconic drinking fountains. Six further high-profile locations in the city have been earmarked for a Water Hole – and so far the water tastes great.

As the St James' Rampire Water Hole begins to refresh the public, it signals the success of a community-led collaboration between Love Tap Water (LTW) and the charity Alternative Source. The project carries the generous support of: Wessex Water, offering a free supply of drinking water to the network; the Bath BID which will ensure the Water Holes are always pristine; and B&NES council, which has collaborated on the Water Hole design as part of Bath’s wider public realm redevelopment.

Ruth Poole of LTW points out the significance of the first Water Hole’s arrival in Bath: "Because The Water Holes are timeless, elegant, and bespoke in design for the city, they reflect Bath’s heritage of water, hospitality and care for the environment. No other city in the world has achieved anything like this and it is a genuinely groundbreaking initiative for Bath. We expect cities all over the world to look at what we are doing and follow suit."

By installing the Water Holes, LTW aims to ease some of the environmental damage that comes with purchasing plastic bottles of drinking water – and provide an important source for free, healthy hydration to everyone enjoying the city.

Alternative Source founder, Jack Rossiter, believes that Bath is the ideal place to initiate one of the charity’s projects: “By re-thinking the way we access water here in Bath, we can provide a simple solution that fits neatly with the character of the city. The Water Holes will provide numerous benefits and remind us all how wonderful it is to have access to a public supply of fresh water.”

Calling for community feedback on the fountain… The first Water Hole was crafted along a steep learning curve that began in Cornwall, moved to Dumfries & Galloway and finished up in Cambridgeshire. But the development process is not over yet. The LTW team would like to glean opinions from local residents on how the experience of using the Water Hole can be improved, so the additional six fountains can be perfected before their intended installation next spring.

Six further high-profile locations in the city have been earmarked for a Water Hole. To make these a reality, LTW and Alternative Source are inviting local and national businesses who wish to be associated with this prestigious project to become Founding Supporters of the Water Holes.

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